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Bugatti EB110 Interior

Bugatti eb110 official debut was at September 15, 1991 in Paris, on the day of the 110th anniversary of Ettore Bugatti. Despite all the tricks of developers it’s not possible to meet the initial requirements – the machine is already too heavy (1787 kg), but thanks to the good aerodynamics and a powerful motor that can accelerate to 342 km / h, becoming the fastest production car in the world. However, Romano Artioli “hot pursuit” has decided to release even more extreme version – Bugatti EB110 SS (Super Sport), which was released in March 1992. The car lost weight to 1418 kg, engine power was increased to 611 hp (647 N ∙ m), resulting maximum speed increased to 351 km / h and acceleration to the first hundred decreased by 0.26 s (3.2 s). However, it’s unimaginable to ask $380,000 for the car in those times.

However, interest in the car was so great that the original from customers there was no release. In 1994, even Michael Schumacher, who in the same year for the first time tried the championship crown, bought the bright yellow Bugatti eb110. However, Michael briefly enjoyed the purchase – he was unable to cope with the control and went off the road, fortunately without serious consequences. And then, because of contractual obligations to Ferrari, who simply could not sit behind the wheel of the Bugatti eb110. After passing at least five thousand kilometers, in 2003. Michael sold the car.

Coupe Bugatti EB110

For four-wheel drive supercar with its high performance tires are not destroyed in a few kilometers, the Bugatti company turned to Michelin. The French manufacturer has made for Bugatti eb110 special wear-resistant and high-speed tires. Manual transmission Bugatti eb110 was developed with the participation of the Porsche company. Salon Bugatti EB 100, which is accessible through the high arched door, has an elegant finish of high-quality leather and walnut. There is a large air-conditioning control and electrical programming of the supporting surface on the dashboard. In Alas, the 1995 Bugatti SPA company declared itself bankrupt, and five years later it became the new owner of the Volkswagen Group. Created under the auspices of the German hypercar Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is considered to be the ideological successor of EB 110.

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