Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra 2010

Sports car from the Italian manufacturer Pagani released to replace the Pagani Zonda in 2011, the year it pagani huayra. In the early spring of 2011 there was an exhibition at the Geneva Motor Show where it was first shown to the public live this car.

The car is already available commercially, but the manufacturer plans to produce no more than 20 cars a year. Design of the car is very similar to its predecessor, but still can not be said that the design of the old model looks modern.

Side View Pagani Huayra

As probe pagani huayra is equipped with a V-shaped 12-cylinder engine from Mercedes-Benz AMG division of the company. The motor has a volume of 6 liters and 730 horsepower and 1000 H * m torque.

Engine Manufacturer slightly changed the engine, since it has asked the company Pagani, was eventually removed turbolag at low revs. Also lubrication system has been applied to the dry sump through which the engine does not feel oily starvation at maximum acceleration. Also, thanks to the radiators pagani huayra, which are held through the engine oil tank is constantly maintained at the optimal temperature.

Also this engine has a simple variable valve timing system, and in the predecessor was an old DOHC system. The motor is mated to a 7-speed robotised gearbox, and all the power is transmitted to the rear wheels.

Red Car Pagani Huayra

Thanks to all this pagani huayra dials the first hundred in 3.3 seconds and top speed is 370 km/h. This of course has contributed not only to the engine and gearbox, but also the carbon body with very good aerodynamic.

Interior of the car is quite different from its predecessor. The model has 2 seats, leather seats with pronounced lateral support, which perfectly keeps on turning. Rudder bit unusual, it has many buttons, and a little unusual form ordinary driver. The center console of pagani huayra is equipped with a large enough screen multimedia system buttons for management. Gearshift and handbrake lever has an interesting design, to describe it does not work, just look at the photos.

12 Photos of the Pagani Huayra

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