Nissan 350Z

The first demonstration of nissan 350 z models was marked in the United States and Japan, summer 2002. In Europe car was presented only in autumn 2003. But this model started to be produced in a body “cabriolet” in 2004. The design of the car is magnificent. Developing this model, the designers left the old straight lines and rectangular headlights. The monolithic body, not too aggressive, but at the same time very “athletic” front optics, perfectly complements the body of the foot, an elongated hood, 18-inch wheels.

And, of course, there’s excellent color of the body – usually red-orange, black or “wet asphalt”. Nissan 350 has the newest platform FR, familiar to motorists on the concept of “smooth ride” 2002 model year «flat ride». Inside, everything is fine: expensive sports leather seats, sporty design towards the “pilot” of sensors on-board computer. There’re typical of sports cars colors – matte black and silver inside the car. The very shape of the panel is made in such a way that the fore put forward a variety of sensors and ventilation ducts. Furthermore, there’s a display of the onboard computer, which can derive a digital image of the speed of revolutions, the tire pressure and other information in the center of the instrument panel.

Nissan 350 z is the 2 door car, the design of which can be described by a long bonnet, short cabin and massive bumpers. The engine of 3.5 liters determines its name. Salon car has unique design, belonging to a sports car ensures an adjustable dashboard and absence of glove compartment. The width and depth of the seat ensures reliability and ease of movement.

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