Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

The model of known Japanese company mitsubishi lancer x 1.6 appeared to replace the previous model with a 1.5 liter engine and was immediately appreciated by car owners.

It’s impressive: acceleration reduced in the model with manual and automatic transmission, fuel consumption decreased in all modes.

Inside, as the driver’s seat and the passenger seat is quite comfortable. Compared with previous models, the interior appreciates the new decorative plates on the front doors and panels, made of soft plastic inserts in the doors, practical upholstered seat. Color palette increased to two colors, a new safety system stops the car if at the same time pressing the gas pedal and brakes. Actual fuel consumption is approximately 8 liters in the city and about 5.3 liters for the suburban road.

If you decide to purchase the mighty car that will meet every cent invested in it, then you need to buy mitsubishi lancer sportback. In the segment of affordable hatchbacks and sedans company mitsubishi lancer sportback is one of the most attractive models. With the new engine, the car driving has become quicker, more comfortable and safe.

There are no boundaries for perfection. For this reason, the Japanese designer decided to modify the Mitsubishi Lancer. The updated model is equipped with a more powerful engine with 117 horsepower and a torque of 154 N / m. But that could save fuel consumption to a minimum. Mitsubishi lancer sportback consumes just 6.2 liters per 100km.

It’s not without updating the look. There is a more sporty bumper and increased ground clearance (up to 165mm) in the new model set. This approach allows us to give the car more aggressive look.

Since the appearance of the car almost did not suffer changes, the designers decided to take it out on the internal structure of the passenger compartment. To maximize occupant comfort mitsubishi lancer sportback is equipped with a color trip computer with wireless technology. This approach significantly reduces the workload on the driver, since all the commands can be given with your voice. The car was naturally fitted with air conditioning, drive and heated mirrors, the latest generation of multimedia system and heated seats.

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