Lamborghini LP670

Supercar Lamborghini LP670

Exclusive car Lamborghini lp670 worth 3.3 million euros is the logical continuation of the previously represented little coupe Lamborghini Veneno, with the difference in the color and design of the body – instead of gray fiery red and with an open top. Weight of Lamborghini lp670 compared to the coupe increased by only 40 kg, and by the use of light and durable materials is 1490 kg, and the design features. A body with an open top has led to an increase in the acceleration time from standstill to 100 km/h from 2.8 to 2.9 seconds. Engine volume of 6.5 liter and twelve-cylinder produces 750 horsepower and, in combination with a light weight and a lot of spoilers provides downforce at high speed to disperse the car to a maximum of 355 kilometers per hour.

Torque is transmitted to all the powerful motor driving wheels through a robotic 7-speed gearbox with manual gearshift buttons, a ratio of weight to power of the car is less than two kilograms per horsepower. Stopping fast car designed to a high-performance braking system with carbon-ceramic discs, and other security systems is to provide a full set of airbags and electronically controlled system provides confident stability of the vehicle at any speed, including variable depending on the speed of the angle of the large rear spoiler. Lamborghini lp670 release in both bodies is dedicated to the celebration of the Italian designer of the 50th anniversary of the company. Production of all nine copies of the extravagant excellence of Lamborghini scheduled for 2014.

6-Speed Lamborghini LP670

In recent years Lamborghini not only increases its output of “conventional” sports cars, such as the Gallardo and the Aventador, but also tries to force the segments piece hypercar with extremely high price tags. Suffice it to recall the Lamborghini lp670 and the Sesto Elemento (1,9 Mill. Euro). And in the spring of this year in Geneva Lamborghini Veneno was presented already for three million euros. Would it seem absurd? To pay such money for actually rewiring by the manufacturer Lamborghini Aventador, which just simply changed the body and the engine, and chassis have remained the same. Nevertheless, all three planned for production Lamborghini lp670 had been sold before the car was shown in Geneva.

12 Photos of the Lamborghini LP670

Sports Auto Lamborghini LP6706-Speed Lamborghini LP670Supercar Lamborghini LP670Lamborghini LP670 Engine 6.5 L V122-Door Lamborghini LP670Lamborghini LP670 Door SystemPurple Lamborghini LP670Fast Lamborghini LP670Model Lamborghini LP670Car With Remote Control Lamborghini LP670Superveloce Lamborghini LP670Lamborghini LP670 Coupe

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