Lamborghini Gallardo

Components of Lamborghini Gallardo can boast the presence of rear-view camera, onboard computer, alarm, as well as the system, which changes the vehicle clearance. Although Lamborghini Gallardo itself is already something! Side mirrors, rear spoiler, deck and roof, front panel in the passenger compartment and rear bumper are painted in deep black. For the unity of style wheels are also made matt black. Technical characteristics of the vehicle: V-shaped 10-cylinder engine capacity of 5000 cc, maximum power is 500 hp (387 kW). Its top speed is 300 km / h. Gallardo is dispersed to hundred for 4 seconds.

Supercars with a furious bull on the hood are so perfect, that it’s difficult to add something or take away. Well, if it’s only a roof. It is done with the Lamborghini Gallardo. Such modernization was carried out with almost all former Lamborghini – for example, Diablo and Murcielago. But Diablo roof was unassumingly – a piece of plastic in the color of the body, which is in the removed position should be fixed on the hood. And Murcielago soft top is pulled by hand. Lamborghini Gallardo convertible metamorphoses are difficult, but at the same time comfortable. Soft roof is retracted and lifted by the actuator. For folding the top there is space in the engine compartment.

All these alterations, plus the roof folding mechanism significantly make heavier Italian supercar. Therefore, the designers had to modify the engine and gearbox. Power 5-liter 10-cylinder engine with 492 l raised to 520 l. The six-speed manual transmission for better acceleration dynamics changed the gear ratios on the lower. In addition, migration was subjected to the steering and suspension. According to company, Lamborghini Gallardo accelerates to 100 km / h slightly slower than the coupe – in 4.3 seconds. But the top speed increased – with a raised top convertible accelerates to 314 km / h (the coupe – 309 km / h). The manufacturer indicates the speed limit open air – 307 km / h.

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