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Koenigsegg Regera stand at the Geneva Motor Show can be considered the “packaged” by the criterion of concentration of horsepower per square meter. After all, it brought together two of the most crazy on this premiere in March – 1160-strong ultralight Agera RS and incredible Regera with four motors that develop in the sum of “a lot more than 1500 hp.”

And we start, of course, with Koenigsegg Regera – a car whose name is translated from Swedish as “dominance” or “reign”. It is unlikely that you can choose the best name for a hyper car with the latest hybrid system Koenigsegg Direct Drive, which combines the three motor, the 5.0-liter V8 and a battery pack with a fantastic operating voltage of 620 volts. KDD innovation consists in the fact that this system does not conventional transmission, thus reducing the power loss in the transmission to the wheels for more than 50%.

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When the mass is only slightly greater than 1500 kg, Koenigsegg Regera has the same strength to weight ratio, like Koenigsegg One. In addition, for the first time Koenigsegg Regera was equipped with fully retractable rear wing and an automatic control system of flaps, flaps air intakes and other aerodynamic elements. The volume of production will be limited to 80 copies, the price of which has not been disclosed.

As for the Agera RS, then this is the Lite version of 40 kilograms Agera R is fully “dressed” in carbon fiber and borrowed plumage of the already mentioned in Koenigsegg One. Thanks to it, at a speed of 200 km / h the downforce is monstrous 485 kg – more than one third of its own weight of the car!

Saloon of the car does not have a lot of any system, but it sheathed with fine quality materials used in the priority of carbon fiber.

Rear Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera is designed just for 2 passengers, inside the salon there is 2 cupholders. Handles opening of the doors from the inside are made in the form of a company logo.

The car Koenigsegg Regera is equipped with an adaptive suspension, and you can change the ground clearance of at least 86 mm. The model has carbon-ceramic brakes that stop the car perfectly. There is a system of traction control and stability control with 3 modes.

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