Koenigsegg CCR

Running Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR is rather unusual supercar. First, it is in Sweden, but there it is very rare, because almost all cars in the US “swim”. Salon CCX is spacious enough, that even NBA basketball player will feel comfortable.

Carbon fiber body has doors guillotine. However, the main feature – the engine. A version of the Koenigsegg CCR, running on bioethanol (a petrol-alcohol mixture), develops 1018 horsepower!

Red Koenigsegg CCR

The company said that such a powerful engine accelerates the car to 417 km / h, and this is a record for road cars. But the capabilities of the machine were not confirmed, as independent test pilots complained about the lack of downforce caused by the lack of wing. And if you put on the CCX wing, speed immediately fall to 370 km/h.Acceleration to “hundreds” – 3.2 seconds.

On the last day of February, less than a day before the opening of the Geneva Motor Show, this monster set a new speed record for series-produced vehicles. And it has been already recognized in the Guinness Book of Records.

On the 12.5-kilometer ring Nardo Prototipo in Italy driving Koenigsegg CCR standard, which was equipment of the same settings (optional installed roll cage, fire suppression system and telemetry devices) overclocked to speeds 388 (387.87) km/h, breaking with the informal record McLaren F1 (372 km / h) installed on the same track in 1993 g.

Super Car Koenigsegg CCR

Founders of the car are happy. But at a press conference on March 2 in Geneva, explained why the CCR has not held up to the previously announced Koenigsegg CCR speed of 395 km/h. The track Nardo Prototipo – ring. This means that the car is actually all the time in the turn (wheel diverted from the “zero” position of approximately 30 degrees). At the same time there is increased friction in the tires, to overcome which some part of the engine power is wasted. The record speed was achieved with a motor speed of 241 miles / h., which is less than the maximum power speed (6900 vol./Min.). That is on the line the car could go faster.

12 Photos of the Koenigsegg CCR

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