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Koenigsegg Company has steadfastly refused to make changes in the capital structure beloved all CCX supercar. Instead, Swedish automaker engineers continue to experiment with the technical characteristics of the basic model. The result was another modification of the legendary sports car Koenigsegg Agera. The company already assure journalists that the model will be the last in the line of the AoA, so no wonder that its utterly dynamic performance is better than that of their predecessors.

Appearance of Koenigsegg Agera excites the imagination. Abundance of aerodynamic elements, the use of composite materials, the widespread use of carbon fiber and aggressive coloring make Koenigsegg Agera, one of the most recognizable modern car, the silhouette of which is almost impossible to confuse with anything else. In pursuit of maximum speed and extra kilometers on the odometer, engineers emasculated the piece interior. The car has lost a number of options, approximating it to civilian vehicles.

Front View Koenigsegg Agera

However, due to the absence of seals, thick skin and vibration, as well as the number of electronic “Spartan” sites has reduced its weight to 1360 kg. Swedish engineers have left a mid-layout, thus decided not to change the proven rear-wheel drive to the full.

By means of five-liter gasoline powerplant with twin-turbocharged Koenigsegg Agera acquired additional horsepower. From now on, the car breaks 1360 horsepower that, jumping up at a gallop, dispersed carbon car to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.5 seconds, while top speed “Swede” is 430 kilometers per hour. Forecasting technology available in the arsenal of the model assumes that the chassis and active aerodynamic elements may be pre-tuned to the track. Most likely, in this case Koenigsegg Agera has data navigator, which can increase the stiffness of the suspension before the turn and balance the downforce by using aerodynamic elements. In addition, such a setting, the driver can implement directly from the interior: with the help of a special application for mobile phones. Likewise, it is possible, for example, identify the lap.

Car Koenigsegg Agera 2015

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Sports Auto Koenigsegg AgeraRunning Koenigsegg AgeraInterior Of Koenigsegg AgeraSport Car Koenigsegg AgeraFront View Koenigsegg AgeraSuper Car Koenigsegg AgeraRear Koenigsegg AgeraSide View Koenigsegg AgeraModel Koenigsegg Agera REngine Koenigsegg AgeraBest Car Koenigsegg AgeraCar Koenigsegg Agera 2015

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