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In 2006, the Milanese Zagato company started to work on creating a new body for the ferrari 575in the style of the legendary ferrari 575 Berlinetta commissioned Yushiyuki Hayashi, a Japanese car collector. Well-known collector of rare and prestigious cars already have in your collection items such as the 166mm Ferrari, Ferrari 250 California Spider, Ferrari Daytona and Ferrari Enzo.Kompaniya the Zagato, consulted about this project with Ferrari, said that the car body with the original Berlinetta is a perfect gift to the half-century anniversary of the company Ferrari. By the way, Zagato in the 50s created the predecessors of the current Ferrari 250GTZ, which were characterized by an aluminum body, sports coloring in two colors and distinguish them from other models of Ferrari formy.Sozdavaya single instance of ferrari 575 Zagato for Yushiyuki Hayashi, experts have applied the accumulated experience, so this is a unique instance of a skilful combination of prestige and job quality, sportiness and stylish elegance. That’s their last descendant of the Zagato Ferrari 575GTZ company does them not otstaet. Na hood Zagato flaunts rearing horse in the style of Ferrari on the front wings – Monogram Zagato. All this became a symbol of the triumph of the cult Italian brand vehicles. Autoexpert and just fans of Ferrari all over the world unanimously agree ferrari 575 one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

From a technical point of view, it is no different from the basic model: it has a top speed of 330 km/h, accelerates to “hundreds” of four seconds and has a ferrari 575 engine volume of 5.75 liters and output of 540 horsepower, as well as electro-CAT in six steps.

Model Ferrari 575

Its main value and the difference is the original author’s body and interior, executed in the style of the exterior and interior Zagato TDF, started by the Milanese Zagato tuning studio commissioned Yushiuki Hayashi, a famous Japanese car collector, which eventually got two copies of this collector’s car. The customer wanted to get away from the designers of the company body style ferrari 575 As a result, the light appeared a unique car designed in the retro style of 50-60-ies of the last century.

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Interior Of Ferrari 575Rear Ferrari 575Black Ferrari 575 GTZ ZagatoSpoiler Ferrari 575Information of Ferrari 575Side View Ferrari 575Model Ferrari 575Ferrari 575M Maranello2-Door Ferrari 575Running Ferrari 575Red Car Ferrari 575 MCool Car Ferrari 575

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