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Coupe ferrari 575 was produced from 1996 to 2002, and replaced the Ferrari Testarossa F512M. The famous Italian studio Pininfarina has given ferrari 575 beautiful and original appearance. Striking democracy, bordering on asceticism, interior trim ferrari 575, in which there is nothing of the luxuries.

In 2002, appears Ferrari 575M Maranello, sports car class Gran Turismo, which replaced the model Ferrari 550 Maranello. Engine power Ferrari 575M Maranello has been increased by 30 hp The basic version of Ferrari 575M Maranello was equipped with a manual gearbox with six speeds, but can be ordered and automatic transmission with electro-hydraulic clutch. In 2005, a convertible Ferrari 575M Superamerica was released.

Black Ferrari 512 1984

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – rear wheel drive sports car with a limited-edition double gasoline V-shaped 12-cylinder engine. He became the new flagship model of Ferrari and was presented at the Geneva Motor Show February 28, 2006. Acceleration to 200 km/h takes 11 seconds. The maximum speed of around 330 km / h. The cost is around 300 000 euros.

The car became the new Ferrari flagship. Coupe has a sophisticated beauty of the Italian and European quality. A perfect combination of stunning appearance and excellent technical stuffing machine brought worldwide popularity.

Chinese market has developed an exclusive version of the 599 Fiorano , created in collaboration with artist Liu Hao for Ferrari. Liu Hao has prepared few variants of products design. One of them is painted in the style of the Song Dynasty porcelain Ge. Car was created in a form of copy, and purchased in early October at a charity auction. In another embodiment, the coupe ferrari 575 received a corps, painted in red and gray colors. Such machines are scheduled to release a limited edition of twelve copies. In the design of the passenger compartment used in old-fashioned Chinese script, which replaced the numbers on the tachometer and the inscription on engine start lever, to change its color from red to green. Technical stuffing of car won’t change.

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