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American sports car became a legend almost immediately after its launch. The reason is simple – it combined a huge 8-liter V10 from the truck, roll bar and spectacular appearance. Hurricane dynamics and the absence of any support systems, making this a truly unstoppable beast. From its inception to the present day Dodge Viper 2016 is one of the most famous sports cars in the world.

In 2012 it saw the light last to date generation car. A distinctive feature of which is that the original type of body was a coupe, roadster and not as its predecessors. An updated model of the logo was presented under the name “Stryker”. Externally, the car was significantly different from its predecessors, although the general appearance was carried out in a typical style of Viper. This is especially emphasized distinctive bodywork with the hood of great length, cabin, shifted to the rear axle and other smaller details such as air ducts in the front wings and the typical form of the roof.

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The latest version of the engine has become an all-aluminum V10, 8.4 liter capacity and began to develop 649 hp and 813 Nm – which gives it the right to be on a par with the most powerful engines of modern supercars.

Dodge Viper 2016 quarter-century has come a long way of evolution from heavy-duty iron box to the elegant and sophisticated supercars. If the first generation of the car scared the driver of its irresistible power and difficult temper, the last incarnation was the precise scalpel, able to cut almost any turn, and forgive many mistakes of not too skillful motorists. But one thing has remained unchanged in Dodge Viper – iconic and coveted by many a car, without which it is impossible to present the entire American auto industry.

The fourth generation of salon had very little changes that can be called easy restyling. But in the most recent version of the supercar interior became really revolutionary. A lot of skin, lots of colors, spectacular seams, multimedia and air conditioning system – for this all it is possible to recognize Dodge Viper 2016 only by external similarity. A distinctive feature is the emergence of a characteristic knob on the front panel for the passenger.

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