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Audi TT is a classic sports front- or all-wheel drive car of modern design: coupe and convertible (roadster).

The car is small (4.04 m) is has two doors and four seats. The back and front of the body are similar in shape. The design includes bright stylish elements.

Audi TT Quattro Sport Salon

The size of the wheels is 17 inches, and the car is equipped with built-in rear bumper, integrated chrome tailpipes. Overall, the car looks very aggressive and yet elegant.

There are several body color options, each of which gives it a different character. Red makes it brighter, more aggressive. Black also attached TT menacing, but this color is least popular, as it is not combined with the machine concept.

Audi TT interior is well thought out and easy; the appearance of the car adjusts its owner to a sporting mood. It all starts with the doors: flinging them, you first of all see baggy threshold, like a Ferrari or other supercompartment.

Red Audi TT RS

It is unexpectedly easy to get inside thanks to wide-open doors; however the lady in an evening dress may face some difficulties. This car may seem small from the outside especially if it is compared to bulky Mercedes, Volvo S80, BMW 7 Series and so on, but eyes can deceive you as it is very comfortable and spacious inside. Due to deep, bucket seats, upholstered in natural leather, you will immediately forget about any inconvenience and relax.

Front seats are highly ergonomic for arranging a human physique. Recently, the TT Coupe was awarded the prize for the most orthopedic front seats. In addition, to sports seats, there is also a special roller under your lower back. When you drive – you do not think about how to sit comfortably, but if you suddenly decide to take a car trip around the world, and after it will realize that you do not have a back pain – only then you will realize all skill of creators of such seats.

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