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Luxury Car DB8 Aston Martin

Like all well-known and prestigious car brands, Aston Martin has a rather complicated history. Thus, even before the emergence of multiple sports car was created in 1923 by the famous British firm thanks to the initiative of a rich enthusiast Lionel Martin. And the name of brand was a result of winning the hill climbing Aston Clinton. From that moment the volume of the car Aston Martin production began to grow gradually every year. Thanks to its victory in the competition, and, despite the change of company’s owners, the car steadily gains market share.

Aston Martin DB8 is a choice of maximalists worldwide. The luxury sports car was introduced to the audience in 2008 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. New Aston had to replace the old model Vanquish S, which was later removed from production. At first it was planned to release a limited edition of Aston Martin DB8, but the number of those wishing to buy luxury cars grew, and the company had put the production of the new model on the “flow”. But it is slightly lowered its price. Buy a car could not be cheaper than 250 thousand dollars. Aston Martin DB8 cost is due not so much to a successful advertising as an incredibly powerful engine that allows dispersing the car to 100 km/h in some 4.3 seconds. Maximum speed is the same, which is able to develop the Aston Martin DBS, is equal to 302 kilometers per hour. And it’s worth it. At the luxurious four-seater convertible Aston Martin DB8 Volante for the first time the immortal James Bond “lit up” in the sensational film “Casino Royale” in 2008. The official presentation of the model took place a little later, in March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Rear DB8 Aston Martin

The high price is justified by the car an unusually powerful for a convertible motor: the car is able to reach speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour; can accelerate to a third of the maximum speed in 4.3 seconds. Fabric roof closes in 14 seconds; even on the move (the speed of the vehicle shall not exceed 48 km/h). The car weighs just 1810 kilograms. It was possible to achieve this thanks to a lightweight convertible roof and the use of carbon fiber in the construction of cars.

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