Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Special Color Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Since its birth automotive industry is trying to create something out of the ordinary. Examples where this idea is brought to life successfully live today and unite. Among the luxury cars Rolls-Royce Phantom V – unsurpassed example. Each instance, came out of the gates of the plant, has become a symbol of greatness and prestige. As for the basalt gray Rolls-Royce Phantom V, it was 639th on the account of the two thousand, the company has released since 2003. But it is not dominated by the elegance of the car. Here breed prevails. No wonder the British emphasize that this car has no relation to the currently fashionable retro style.

Every new Rolls-Royce Phantom V over a hundred years of history of the brand created, guided by certain very specific requirements. Firstly, the tire size is strictly defined. They should be large (in Rolls-Royce Phantom V – 31 inches or approximately 80 cm outer diameter). By the way, when driving with the central part of the emblem of RR does not rotate due to its own bearing system. As traditionally defined body height – from Rolls-Royce, it is equal to double the height of the wheel. Mandatory huge bonnet, short front and long rear overhang. Rear rack must be as wide as to conceal the passenger seated in the car. In addition, the line drawn on the lower part of the body to the front is to be lifted, which emphasizes its dynamism. All these requirements are met in the new Phantom.

Front View Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Despite the huge external dimensions, the interior is not shocking by its size. As the driver and passengers sit quite high. Huge gas and brake pedals are designed to help move majestically. There is a feeling that due to Rolls- Royce Phantom V settings even make the car to twitch if desired is impossible. All it reacts quickly, but very smoothly, whether acceleration to “hundreds” on par with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or intense deceleration. In such conditions it would be particularly beneficial drive unit located where we used to see the tachometer. In Phantom, it shows no turnovers, and the remaining in the reserve stock of engine power. To readers to submit what 100% of its traction, give a simple example. When driving at a speed of 160 km / h vehicle uses only a quarter of the motor thrust. Another 75% of power in Rolls- Royce Phantom V is in reserve!

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Retro Rolls-Royce Phantom VRolls-Royce Phantom V TuningSpecial Color Rolls-Royce Phantom VFour-Door Saloon Rolls-Royce Phantom V4-Speed Automatic Transmission Rolls-Royce Phantom VRolls-Royce Phantom V SedanSwanky Rolls-Royce Phantom VNotable Rolls-Royce Phantom VFront View Rolls-Royce Phantom VFancy Rolls-Royce Phantom V4-Door Rolls-Royce Phantom VUltraexclusive Rolls-Royce Phantom V

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