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Of course, the Porsche 924 is not as pronounced sports car like the Porsche 911, but it is a Porsche, and that its stability and controllability at a high level, it is not surprising. Surprisingly is that this sports car suspension comfort such as a conventional car.

Torque from the engine is transmitted to the transmission thin shaft diameter of 20 mm (the model “Turbo” – 25mm). The design, called Transaxle in 1972, when it began to be used on Alfette. The first such system was applied on the Italian Royal La Bugatti Type 41 in 1928, about the positive and negative sides Transaxle can be read in the description Alfetty/Juliet.

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Actually, Porsche 924 only owns body and gearbox, the engine is taken from the Audi 100, the front suspension of the Volkswagen Golf, the rear – from the Volkswagen Beetle. Nevertheless, Porsche “924” – this is not “a sheep in wolf’s clothing.” So, with the engine capacity of 2.0 liters (1984 cm3), taken from the Audi 100, developed capacity of 125 liters with continuous fuel injection Bosch K-type Dzhetronik, Porsche 924 from standstill to 100 km/h accelerates in 9.9 sec., up to 200 km/h speed and consumes on average 9.5 liters of gasoline AI-91 for 100 km.

However, the company Porsche felt that this dynamic performance is not enough for model 924 to correspond to the “image” of the brand, and added to the engine turbocharger (what is now called the turbocharger is used to inject air into the cylinders or combustible mixture of exhaust gas energy, was patented by the Swiss engineer Alfred Buchi in 1905). The model, which has a turbocharged engine, is called the Porsche 924 turbo. Engine 2.0-liter has a camshaft located in the cylinder head with a toothed belt drive.

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