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After World War II, the French government adopted a five-year plan to restore the automotive industry – the market was divided between the producers, each of them made a model of a certain class. So Ford’s French branch went to a large machine with a V8, but Peugeot has put on the conveyor the car of the middle class. However, the Peugeot also had economic reasons for abstention – the company’s factories were destroyed during war. Twenty years after the war, until 1965, Peugeot made one model – following the example of the Americans: there was no lineup, there were various bodies – from gig to pickup, but the chassis remained the same. So after the post-war Peugeot 203 model 403 came, and then in 1960 – Peugeot 404. Trendy to the early 1960s by the Italian design studio by Pininfarina, simple structure, reliable and easy-to-repair units laid the foundation of the French car’s popularity. For fifteen years of life the French conveyor produced nearly two million cars, but after 1975 Peugeot 404 remained in production – Argentina car made before 1980, and in Kenya collected pick-up of 1991.

The next issue of the magazine series “Police cars of the world” with the number 47 – Peugeot 404 British police in South Africa: in this issue legendary French car found reflection and the main area of its habitat for decades. And the model of police car turned out quite good thanks to the rich detail and color. Peugeot 404 was an elegant and well-made machine, with good stability thanks to an independent front suspension and precise steering. Entry-level model is offered with an engine from the “403” of 1.5 liters, while it was possible to buy a block of 1.6 liter capacity of 85 hp. Some options offer fuel injection that increased the capacity up to 96 hp and scatter the “404” to 160 km/h.

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Like «404», also Peugeot station wagon version is offered, as well as eight-model Familiale. In response to the growing interest to diesel fuel in France a model with a diesel engine 53 hp was produced.

Also, Peugeot sold coupe and convertible Peugeot 404, these models are very different from the sedan offer only one engine capacity of 1.6 liters and without fuel injection.

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