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Ford Cortina third generation was produced from 1962 to 1999 at the plants in Georgia and Illinois (USA). As is the case with the first and second generation models, this was a Ford sedan or station wagon to drive only the front wheels. From the list of related models Lincoln Continental disappeared, but Mercury Sable remained.

The number of publications in the press, following the premiers, broke all records: no other car has received so much attention.

Tuning Ford Cortina

The appearance of the model was made in the spirit of fashion at that time, “biodesign”. The car has received the rounded shape of the body and the dominant geometrical figure became oval. Starting from it, there were “painted” glass front optics and “beard” dashboard.

The work on the third-generation Ford Cortina started in the early 60’s. Not all designers agree with management’s decision to change the face of the model radically. In their view, it would be like to hold a “restyle” of the Mona Lisa portrait. However, the chief designer Jack Telnek sincerely believed a new Taurus by many ovals will stand out better against the competition. According to him, the oval could be the basis for the design of all future Ford models. That did not happen. Moreover, it is a controversial third Taurus exterior was almost unanimously recognized by motoring journalists, critics and experts “Achilles’ heel” of the whole a successful car.

Ford Cortina is completed with engines V6 of 3.0 liters and output of 145 or 200 hp. As before, there was a charged modification of Ford Cortina: cars equipped with the prefix SHO has a 3.4-liter engine with 235 hp. This engine was the only V8 in the history of the model.

Interior Of Ford Cortina 1969

The interior of the model Ford Cortina has gone through revolutionary changes. Many owners of the first and second generations complained that controls music system and the climate control have been, firstly, identical to the touch, and secondly, is too small. In response to these complaints, the block with the “music” and air conditioning in the “third” Ford Cortina was quite different: there was no longer any like button; in addition, two panels have been merged into one.

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