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Citroen SM, like the DS model, had a front-wheel drive, equipped with a manual transmission, the engine is located in front of the compact engine. Fast and elegant, featuring excellent management since then as there are new technologies to ensure the steering and brake sensitivity, Citroen Sm is rightly considered a perfect GT car to travel long distances, very stable even at high speeds and guarantees a smooth ride, familiar to «DS» owners.

The model is equipped with a V-shaped six-cylinder engine producing 180 hp. It is provided with dynamic acceleration from 9 to 96 km/h in 8.3 sec., and the speed of 170 km/h developed for 23.2 seconds. The maximum speed reached 225 km/h.

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However, body of the Citroen Sm captured the hearts of enthusiastic motorists: “Citroen” looked very spectacular and impressive – lots of glass, with a broad nose and tapered tail. It was sleek and fast car.

Front part of the Citroen SM looks unusual. Under a single transparent lens an entire “Chandelier” from 6 Forward Lighting headlamp housed. Moreover, the internal lights were turned with the wheels, emitting illumination of the road when cornering. But according to the Federal Law, which prohibited further cover the lights, Citroen «SM» was distributed in the United States without this characteristic element.

At first, the level of sales was very high, as the French enthusiasts have enjoyed the opportunity to purchase a high quality GT car provided them the first time since the model Facel Vega. However, motorists’ affection was not to be long. In 1973, the oil crisis began, and the fashion for big cars of superclass, spending more than 10 liters of petrol per 100 km, passed.

View Front Citroen SM 1970

Citroen Sm was one of the few cars exhibited in the UK with the left rudder. However, in Hertfordshire official dealer of «Citroen» company «Middleton Engine» several copies of right-hand drive were produced, but, unfortunately, such experiment wasn’t successful.

The company has improved the Citroen Sm, equipping it with a system of fuel injection, more three-liter engine version and optional automatic transmission, but it has not brought results.

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