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Many consider the Bmw E39 back of the last representatives of the “true” BMW – a cool design, excellent handling and atmospheric engines. With this, of course, is debatable, but the fact that this car is instantly recognizable and detailed information – it’s a fact. Bmw E39 launched in the mid-90s, but their relevance and popularity surprise today. Let us consider what is so attractive in this model BMW, and there are no “gotchas” in possession of the car.

History of the Bmw E39 began in 1995, and ended in 2003, having gone through a restyling of the end of 2000. Traditionally for the Bavarian manufacturer, the entire car functional is built around the driver’s seat. This does not mean that passengers were infringed, but producer just paid maximum attention to the driver. Despite rather impressive dimensions of the car, the cabin is not as spacious as it seems from the outside, but with the growth of 190 cm will be comfortable to all, even sitting behind the driver. The quality of finishing materials and assembly at the height are of the most vulnerable to damage. But the car’s packaging is rather passable, because even in the “base” has already relied: power accessories (mirrors, windows), air conditioning, 6 airbags, hydraulic actuator, ABS (anti-lock braking system), ASC + T (traction control) and DSC III (Electronic stabilization). And in sales vehicles which are more generously equipped are often offered, for example, dual-zone climate control – it is almost the norm.

Car BMW E39 M5

The most notable change after the restyling of Bmw E39 was the front optics, and then the famous “Angel Eyes” were born. Also the rear lights and direction indicators changed, fog lamps round steel and steel moldings on bumpers painted in body color. Changed decorative grille and steering wheel design was the M-style. The engine range was updated as well. Body of the Bmw E39 is very resistant to corrosion, if there was no damage. Even the high-quality refurbishment will not return the former metal resistance. Moreover, with the current mode of urban traffic, as well as the rate of movement of the BMW owners, unbeaten copies not much left.

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