Black BMW E30 325E 1986

There was made more than 2 million Bmw E30 cars until 1991, the result beat all previous records of sales. The advent of E21 reflected the development and diversity in all aspects of BMW. The design team of Claus Lute made a great effort to give Bmw E30 more modern and dynamic design, without creating a gap with the lines of the preceding series. Unique design, optimized dynamics, huge space inside, comfort in the cabin, a higher power, new options for body, and engine. E30 evolutionary changes have a significant aerodynamic advantage over the E21. The grille was now less radical, and the lights were almost on a par with it. In contrast to the flat hood E21, Bmw E30 slightly tilted, and the body has got a bit rounded and smooth shape.

Round dials are read very quickly and almost do not close the steering wheel spokes.

4-Door BMW E30

Its first car update endured in 1985 – the engineers have implemented minor changes to the exterior and interior of cabin, and the range of modifications of the BMW 3-series E30 324d expanded model with diesel engine. More serious modernization of the Bmw E30 was held in 1987 (Series 2). External new things include redesigned bumpers, front and rear lighting lamps, license plate frames and window frames lost chrome finish. In addition, all models are improved with corrosion protection. Initially, the Bmw E30 installed M10 engines, which equipped with outdated BMW 2002 and E21. Then M10 was removed from production and replaced with an improved injector. In 1989, a new high-yielding compact motor M40 was released and could compete in performance with more voluminous units.

Before the car is officially appeared in the summer 1985, all car magazines in Germany had published the first reports on the BMW E30 exit based on the model series, which boasted extremely powerful features.

It was no problem to distinguish from other models M3 3 Series for visitors of the showroom. The large front spoiler and sport wing extending from one side to the other immediately showed aggressive look of the new racing car from BMW. The first modification was numbered 2.3. It was established under the marking engine BMW S14 B23 power of 200 hp as was promised.

Front BMW E30

12 Photos of the BMW E30

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