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Car Aston Martin Bulldog 1980

Not every sport car can easily rise to the pedestal of glory and honor. In the course of the ongoing struggle for the answer to the formula of success a few classic-car errors became known. On their creation a lot of money was spent, but they sat quietly at the base, leaving no visible trace in the history of auto. One such example can be called a model of Aston Martin Bulldog.
In contrast to the graceful and elegant car nines of the Ferrari, which appeared in 1980, Aston Martin Bulldog looked like a real antiques, although the intention of its creators was to become “the English retaliation” by the Italian sports car pastors. Under the long and pointed hood, like a motor boat, V-shaped eight-cylinder engine hand-built 5.3-liter capacity was placed. Equipped with two turbochargers, the engine develops power of 600 hp.

The passengers got into the cabin through two wide doors, which rose like a gull-wing from the center of the low roof. Inside the cabin there was a TV monitor rear view and a built-in speaker, which, according to the creators of the car Aston Martin Bulldog cost 100 000 pounds, was a must.

Retro Car Aston Martin Bulldog

An interesting feature of the model was that, although the Bulldog was created in the UK, it was left-handed. The height of the model was only 1.1 meters, added charm doors opening upward (Gull-wing door, “gull wing”), with which the vehicle height becomes equal to almost two meters, and five lights, hidden in a special compartment under the hood. Rare novelty in those days was a rearview camera, an image which is displayed on a monitor on the front panel. The public Aston Martin Bulldog was first broadcast March 27, 1980 in the department of Bell Hotel in the village of Aston Clinton.

It is safe to call this an instance hypercar (a Bulldog was just in one unique copy, although Aston Martin planned to release from a dozen to 25 pieces). On the one hand, enormous power, which gave a 5.3-liter V8 Garrett AirResearch with turbo boost pressure about 700 horsepower! This is theoretically supposed to reach a speed of 237 miles per hour (380 km/h), on test stands managed to reach a top speed of 192 mph (308 km/h), making Bulldog the fastest car among all ever issued by the Aston Martin.

Old Car Aston Martin Bulldog

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