Ferrari 575

Information of Ferrari 575
Running Ferrari 575Black Ferrari 575 GTZ ZagatoInterior Of Ferrari 575Rear Ferrari 575

In 2006, the Milanese Zagato company started to work on creating a new body for the ferrari 575in the style of the legendary ferrari 575 Berlinetta commissioned Yushiyuki Hayashi, a Japanese car collector. Well-known collector of rare and prestigious cars already have in your collection items such as the 166mm Ferrari, Ferrari 250 California Spider, Ferrari Daytona and Ferrari Enzo.Kompaniya the Zagato, consulted about this project with Ferrari, said that the car body with the […]

Ferrari 550

Sports Auto Ferrari 550
Rear Ferrari 550 MaranelloSide View Ferrari 550 MaranelloView Ferrari 550 Maranello 1999Front View Ferrari 550 Maranello

Ferrari 550 is convertible sports car with rear wheel drive, designed for two people and equipped with two doors, produced from 2000 to 2006. The model was first presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 2000. Excluding prototypes were produced just 448 cars of this model. Like all company cars ferrari 550 cost is not cheap – during the production of the model in the US market price is 258 000 dollars. […]

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

2-Door Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Running Ferrari 612 ScagliettiModel Ferrari 612 ScagliettiSalon Ferrari 612 ScagliettiBlack Model Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

By its 60th anniversary, which is celebrated this year throughout the world, the Italian company Ferrari has released a special version of the famous Coupe ferrari 612 scaglietti. Novelty has its own name Sessanta, which translates from Italian as “sixty”, and will be released, as you might guess, only sixty copies. Designers Ferrari picked up for Sessanta two body colors – gray matte and shiny black, and developed in a uniform scale terracotta leather interior. […]

Citroen C4

Black Citroen C4 2010
Black Citroen C4 2010Car Citroen C4 2016Citroen C4 Cabriolet Sport ConceptSalon Citroen C4

In the model number of the company’s new citroen c4 C-Quatre will take place and will be located between the C-Elysee and C4 L. The novelty is constructed on PF2 platform. The same chassis uses hetchbchek C4. Other technical characteristics of the machine are not known. According to unofficial information, the car will receive a gasoline turboengine with three cylinders. Engine power will be 130 hp. Citroen c4 introduced to the market in two ways: […]

Volvo 760

Family Car Volvo 760
Cool Volvo 760Engine Volvo 1987View Volvo 760Side View Volvo 760

Volvo cars are known for their safety. These machines have always had a very modern person rescue system (recall that it was the first time the Swedes use seatbelts). Yes and the whole look of volvo 760 has always shown that when confronted, they save lives. That is why many Volvo models made at the end of the last century, have a specific design. For the first time Volvo ¬ęseven hundredth” series was introduced in […]

Audi RS2

Engine Audi RS2
Salon Audi RS2Car View Audi RS2Running Audi RS2Hatchback Audi RS2

For the first time Audi Avant RS2 appeared in 1993 – a universal model with excellent characteristics manufactured on the basis of the popular Audi model range Audi 90. 80-manufactures from 1994 to 1996 in a limited quantity. The appearance of audi rs2was developed jointly with Porsche. Audi rs2 distinguishes this tuning – a powerful front bumper with advanced air intakes, seventeen-inch wheels on the disks in the style of the Porsche 911 with rare […]

Aston Martin DB7 Volante

Interior Of Aston Martin DB7 GT
View From Above Aston Martin DB7 GTView Aston Martin DB7 VolanteModel Aston Martin DB7 GT 1999Sportcar Aston Martin DB7 GT

Aston martin db7 volante is a two-door coupe that replaced the model number of the well-known British automaker outdated morally and technically Virage family. The model name from the English language is translated as “win,” “conquer.” The design of the first generation of aston martin db7 volante has worked well-known British expert Ian Callum. Development of “heir” Virage prototype was launched in 1999, and road testing began in 2000. The novelty of their appearance reminiscent […]

Aston Martin Lagonda

View Aston Martin Lagonda Limited
Cabriolet Aston Martin Lagonda LTDView Aston Martin Lagonda LimitedRunning Aston Martin LagondaCar Aston Martin Lagonda LTD

Aston Martin Lagonda – this car class “lux”, manufactured Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom from 1974 to 1990. All For 645 copies released production. The name was given in honor of the Lagonda brand, acquired Aston Martin in 1947. People gathered in line to order a four-door sedan with the dynamic characteristics reminiscent of a coupe aston martin lagonda, with ultra modern design and revolutionary technical perfection. While aston martin lagonda for this […]

BMW 320D E46

Black BMW 320d Edition Sport (E90)
Super BMW 320d E46 2001White BMW 320D E46Black BMW 320d Edition Sport (E90)Engine BMW E46 diesel 320D 2002

Regardless of the type of body or engine versions of the bmw 320d e90 previous generation allows you to get great pleasure from driving. If you are interested in so-called family car’s features, or you plan to make long trips, and on weekends to ski, then you need to look at the wagon version of the E91. Trunk volume is the same as in the sedan – 460 liters. However, access to it easier, the […]

Bmw 320

Red BMW F30 320d SportLine
Red BMW F30 320d SportLineWhite BMW 320i 2013White BMW F30 320dBlack BMW 320 2001

BMW brand cars have always been famous not only traditional German quality and reliability, but also a large number of technologies that help behind the wheel and make any trip more comfortable and safer. Today we look at these features on the example of BMW 320i. Whenever you sit down in the car of the Bavarian concern, there is a feeling that you are at least James Bond. No, of course, we all remember that […]

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