Lamborghini Gallardo

Components of Lamborghini Gallardo can boast the presence of rear-view camera, onboard computer, alarm, as well as the system, which changes the vehicle clearance. Although Lamborghini Gallardo itself is already something! Side mirrors, rear spoiler, deck and roof, front panel in the passenger compartment and rear bumper are painted in deep black. For the unity of style wheels are also made matt black. Technical characteristics of the vehicle: V-shaped 10-cylinder engine capacity of 5000 cc, […]

Bugatti 3b

Supercar bugatti 3b is currently available only in the version Grand Sport with an open body. It’s mid-engined two-seater with a removable hardtop roof. The auto is equipped with a turbo engine with 16 cylinders volume of eight liters and 1001 liters capacity, working together with a seven-speed semi-automatic transmission and a 4-wheel drive. It is new modification of Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the power unit of which is boosted up to 1200 forces, […]

Nissan 350Z

The first demonstration of nissan 350 z models was marked in the United States and Japan, summer 2002. In Europe car was presented only in autumn 2003. But this model started to be produced in a body “cabriolet” in 2004. The design of the car is magnificent. Developing this model, the designers left the old straight lines and rectangular headlights. The monolithic body, not too aggressive, but at the same time very “athletic” front optics, […]

Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

The model of known Japanese company mitsubishi lancer x 1.6 appeared to replace the previous model with a 1.5 liter engine and was immediately appreciated by car owners. It’s impressive: acceleration reduced in the model with manual and automatic transmission, fuel consumption decreased in all modes. Inside, as the driver’s seat and the passenger seat is quite comfortable. Compared with previous models, the interior appreciates the new decorative plates on the front doors and panels, […]

Mitsubishi L300

Car mitsubishi l300 is a unique car in Japan. It has the enviable vehicle equipment. So the car Mitsubishi L300 is equipped with a turbo diesel engine capacity of 2.5 liter, manual transmission, a five-door body, central locking with alarm and turbo timer, electric windows, two stoves and air conditioning. The test run of the car mitsubishi l300 is 172 thousand kilometers. Outwardly, it is very attractive because it has a unique, quite different from […]

Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi delica is a mid-size four-door, eight-minivan, having as many as three rows of seats. Mitsubishi Delica differs with reliable performance among off-road vehicles SUV class. Separate climate control allows all passengers to feel comfortable. Maximum speed of Mitsubishi delica is 190 km/h, power – 170 horsepower. There are two versions of the minivan: rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. Production of this model was established in Japan in 1968. The car has become very popular with […]

Mini Cooper

Mini cooper is the modern athlete, made in variations of coupe, two-door convertible and a three- or two-door hatchback for the middle class. Complete with powerful motor and grasping the wheels in order to comply with safety, it is very popular thanks to the modernization and advanced engineering. Among the technical characteristics there’re compact size, further details to protect the body and good dynamics, as well as over 60 different car accessories. Price conceived as […]

Mercedes Benz A160

Appearing in the model range of Daimler AG in 1998, the car “Mercedes-Benz ‘A-Class has opened up new prospects for quality tops, available in everyday life. Trendsetter in the automotive world has demonstrated that the standard style of the external forms of creative and endearing delights trim is the prerogative of not only huge executive limousine. Anyone who decides to buy a mercedes benz a160 – compact and economical – will be able to fully […]

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

Especially for those who want to make their cars special and stand out of the crowd, a division of Mercedes-Benz AMG company, also referred to simply as the AMG, makes modifications to the most sought-after models. Sedans, hatchbacks, roadsters and SUVs become more sporty and stylish after installing the package from AMG. Mercedes benz c63 amg is a division that deals with car tuning Group. AMG – is handmade, high speed and sports luxury. Sport […]

Mercedes Benz SL65

Unusual appearance, sensational performance, low-weight construction and exclusivity of all parts- such characteristics perfectly describe car mercedes benz sl65. Manifesting itself, a revolution in the design and engineering industry of productive powertrain opens up new prospects for dynamic among connoisseurs of luxury sport cars. This car reasonably claims to become leader of the glorious German producer. Taking into account the force of the power unit, high-efficiency brake-gear of this German car mercedes benz sl65 is […]

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