BMW 320D E46

Salon BMW 3 series E46 320
Super BMW 320d E46 2001Salon BMW 3 series E46 320White BMW 320D E46Salon BMW 3 Series E90 LCI 320D

Regardless of the type of body or engine versions of the bmw 320d e90 previous generation allows you to get great pleasure from driving. If you are interested in so-called family car’s features, or you plan to make long trips, and on weekends to ski, then you need to look at the wagon version of the E91. Trunk volume is the same as in the sedan – 460 liters. However, access to it easier, the […]

Bmw 320

Black BMW 320 2001
Black Nice BMW 320White BMW 320i 2013Black BMW 320 2001Super BMW 320

BMW brand cars have always been famous not only traditional German quality and reliability, but also a large number of technologies that help behind the wheel and make any trip more comfortable and safer. Today we look at these features on the example of BMW 320i. Whenever you sit down in the car of the Bavarian concern, there is a feeling that you are at least James Bond. No, of course, we all remember that […]

Rolls Royce Phantom I

FR Layout Rolls Royce Phantom I
White Rolls Royce Phantom IRolls Royce Phantom I Back SideFront View Rolls Royce Phantom IRolls Royce Phantom I Auto

The first version of Rolls-Royce Phantom‎ I was created in 1921. Precisely 70 years later the production of 6 generation model was suspended. In 2003 the release of luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom was revived. The 7 generation of the British premium car is characterized by advanced technological solutions and traditional luxury inherent in Rolls-Royce. Exclusive aura literally envelops the Rolls-Royce Phantom outside and inside. The new “Phantom” retained the conservative spirit of its predecessors. In this […]

Peugeot 406 Coupe

Front-Wheel-Drive Peugeot 406 Coupe
Front-Wheel-Drive Peugeot 406 CoupeFamily Car Peugeot 406 CoupeRed Peugeot 406 CoupePeugeot 406 Coupe Bodystyle

Despite the fact that the Peugeot 406 coupe is set up based on a sedan 406, the car safely could be called just Coupe: first, because Peugeot does not produce the other type of closed coupe, and secondly, this car has nothing common with the Peugeot 406 coupe and don’t have any outer detail. It has low squat silhouette door without frames and submerged rear window. And, though the dimensions have remained virtually unchanged, the […]

Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Notable Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Four-Door Saloon Rolls-Royce Phantom VRetro Rolls-Royce Phantom VUltraexclusive Rolls-Royce Phantom VRolls-Royce Phantom V Tuning

Since its birth automotive industry is trying to create something out of the ordinary. Examples where this idea is brought to life successfully live today and unite. Among the luxury cars Rolls-Royce Phantom V – unsurpassed example. Each instance, came out of the gates of the plant, has become a symbol of greatness and prestige. As for the basalt gray Rolls-Royce Phantom V, it was 639th on the account of the two thousand, the company […]

Lamborghini LP670

Car With Remote Control Lamborghini LP670
Car With Remote Control Lamborghini LP670Fast Lamborghini LP670Lamborghini LP670 Engine 6.5 L V12Lamborghini LP670 Coupe

Exclusive car Lamborghini lp670 worth 3.3 million euros is the logical continuation of the previously represented little coupe Lamborghini Veneno, with the difference in the color and design of the body – instead of gray fiery red and with an open top. Weight of Lamborghini lp670 compared to the coupe increased by only 40 kg, and by the use of light and durable materials is 1490 kg, and the design features. A body with an […]

Peugeot 406

Peugeot 406 Wagon
Peugeot 406 FrontCoupe Peugeot 406Interior Of Peugeot 406Mid-size Auto Peugeot 406

Peugeot 406 is one of the most successful representatives of the Peugeot range. The car is a middle class full-size sedan. Serial production of the Peugeot 406 began in 1995. The car was produced in sedan, wagon and coupe. Appearance of Peugeot 406 is very stylish and unique: a squat body, “predatory” headlights, wide doors and elegant salon. Design of the car is produced by the Italian company Pininfarina. Car has a luxurious interior. All […]

Rolls Royce Phantom II

Rolls Royce Phantom II Model
Retro Rolls Royce Phantom IIStylish Rolls Royce Phantom II4-Speed Manual Rolls Royce Phantom IIPosh Rolls Royce Phantom II

One of the novelties presented at the 84th Geneva Motor Show is a luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom II, which has received word Series II title. Premium Luxury Car model modestly upgraded in 2015 year, and the first “Phantom” appeared five years ago – in 2009. Model Rolls-Royce Phantom II is 2-door luxury car, produced at the Rolls-Royce Ltd plant in 1929-1936, respectively. It is the third and final model 40/50 HP from Rolls-Royce, in 1931 completely […]

Lamborghini Murcielago

Top View Lamborghini Murcielago
Lamborghini Murcielago SeatingsTop View Lamborghini MurcielagoLamborghini Murcielago RunningRear View Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Cars are devilishly handsome and have a ferocious bull power. It is difficult to imagine, how sport car would look like without unique brands features. Characteristic features of these cars cannot be confused with any other brand, and the sound of the engine you guess correctly long before the appearance of this handsome car. Bright green color has been a hallmark of the brand for a long time. Not everyone will be able to […]

Maserati 430

Maserati 430 Fuel Injection
Maserati 430 Fuel InjectionInside Maserati 430Front View Maserati 430Classic Maserati 430

Maserati 430 is a sports sedan with a discreet appearance and sharp character. This model is the result of the development of the low profile cars philosophy: an unremarkable-looking executive saloon on the track easily rivals frankly sports models. Terminations characteristics made possible by the six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which accelerates the car to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds. Salon of Maserati 430 is traditionally rich and comfortable: original decoration, branded […]

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