Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

Salon Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost – this is a rare case when the production model, actually repeats the previously shown concept 200EX. According to the company, the designers have tried to move away from the canonical aspects of the brand. As a result, still get the classic Rolls-Royce with traditional tranquility and luxury in the cabin, umbrellas at the door, and cooling box with a set of champagne glasses.

Word Ghost beginning associated with the Rolls-Royce brand in 1907. More than a century ago Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost was introduced to the public, which became the most, perhaps, famous “Rolls” of the first half of the twentieth century and the brand name forever inscribed in the annals of the global automotive industry. Its successor of the century twenty-first lost “silver” in its name.

Model Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

Despite the fact that the Ghost was built under the direct patronage of the Bavarians from BMW, it, like any “Rolls”, is the quintessential British automobile tradition. The majestic silhouette, vertical body panels, the monumental chrome grille, large wheels do not allow doubting that before us is Rolls-Royce. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost is built on the platform BMW 7 Series in an elongated form. However, for the Ghost database stretched a further 8.5 cm (up to 329.5 cm), and therefore the length of the sedan was an impressive 5.4 m. Inside, the elements of high-tech and archaic are harmoniously combined. On the one hand Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost has inherited from the Bavarian “seven” many of the most advanced devices: cameras, monitoring the situation around the car and night vision system. Active cruise control, able to stop the car, and then re-accelerate it to the set speed when necessary; automatic high beam control and even proprietary interface Ā«iDriveĀ». But, on the other hand, the cabin is a lot of original things from the past. For example, the wheel of a huge diameter with a very thin rim, slender stalk transmission control lever, horizontal adjustment of temperature washers. By modern standards, it is full of anachronisms, but the creators of the machine believe that these things give Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost a unique aura of luxury.

12 Photos of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

Black Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost 2003View Interior Of Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost 2015Salon Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostInterior Of Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostTuning Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostWhite Rolls Royce Phantom GhostLuxury Car Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostSide View Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostCar Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostRolls-Royce Phantom Ghost 2015Front View Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostModel Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

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