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Volvo cars are known for their safety. These machines have always had a very modern person rescue system (recall that it was the first time the Swedes use seatbelts). Yes and the whole look of volvo 760 has always shown that when confronted, they save lives. That is why many Volvo models made at the end of the last century, have a specific design.

For the first time Volvo ¬ęseven hundredth” series was introduced in 1982 as a sedan under the symbol 760. It was quite a luxury in those days the car, which could boast of very good equipment, a powerful 6-cylinder engine and, of course, a high level of security. But volvo 760 there is a twin brother named Volvo 740, which has a more modest equipment, the smaller number of possible options and the 4-cylinder petrol engines (diesel engines are 6-cylinder). Volvo 760 is available as a sedan and a wagon. Moreover, the latter are often on our roads. Inside the Volvo 740/760 place a lot, both in the front and in the back row of seats. There is nothing surprising in this, because the 740/760 length is 4810 mm., Which is only 10 mm. less than the current model output S80 – Volvo’s flagship. However, expect the same level of equipment and comfort as in S80 in this case does not have to. Although cars last years of release (especially the version volvo 760) are already very good equipment.

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The angular design of the front panel, of course, like it is not everything, but we must pay tribute, interior build quality quite good. In addition, all noted the excellent visibility, which is achieved thanks to the large glass area. A rear window positioned almost vertically, even in heavy rain allows us to look through it without any problems. Also advantage of volvo 760 is a very powerful heating system that rapidly warms the interior and allow to sit in a car in a shirt even in the most severe frosts.

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