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Black Tesla Model S

To date, stylish electric car Tesla Model S is hardly a rarity on the roads. However, the high price and the lack of an extensive network of electro refuelling do not allow the machine to be mass-selling vehicle.

What is the electric car? Let’s have a detailed overview of Tesla Model S. This is a 5-door hatchback, has received the status of “most stylish car” due to the positive feedback of multiple drivers. Trim of expensive leather, unique alloy wheels and optical instruments, sophisticated features of Jaguar and Maserati – we can safely say that designer Franz von Holzhausen tried to glory! In addition, with the help of an adjustable hatch, you can change the intensity of the blow.

Side View Tesla Model S

Filling cabin fully consistent with advanced technology, it didn’t left behind the IT-technologies. The instrument panel (1280 × 480 pixels) contains two displays. On one of them displays detailed information about the current state of the car in motion, including information from the ammeter. Second monitor (1080 × 1920 pixels) is located in the center of the dashboard and serves to adjust and control electronic systems of cars – in fact, it is an independent mini tablet on Ubuntu OS.

Consumers already can buy 3 options of Tesla Model S, equipped with batteries of different capacities. On the territory of USA the most common cars with a battery capacity of 85 kilowatt/hour (P85 +) that can drive 420 km without recharging. Maximum speed of S-model: 190 km / h; Engine power – 416 hp; acceleration to 100 km/h comes in 4.2 seconds.

In tests at high speeds and sharp turns electric car has shown excellent results. Because the battery in the Tesla Model S is located along the bottom, the design has a low center of gravity. And if we take into account an adjustable ground clearance, the latest stabilization system, it is possible to appreciate the ride quality: smooth, no jerks, no extra unpleasant sounds and reduction in quality control.

Black Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S can be called not only a solid car, but also a good target for investment. The driving costs will be much lower than on classic cars. And you can get a lot of good feeling from the management of “car of the future.”

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