Small 4-Door Family Car Peugeot 305

Peugeot 305 has enough headroom cabin, very comfortable and cozy car, but, unfortunately, did not find a large number of followers. Design cars Peugeot 305 was distinguished by innovation and comfort. The development of the car engaged the best designers.
The car has become trendy, stylish and elegant; with classic lines and a sporty engine that is deservedly able to assess every motorist or a firm adherent. Everyone knows that the firm – followers are safe driving cabin and all cars without exception meet the requirement of maximum safety of the driver and passengers. That was not the exception, and this car seat after 305 cars got a special design.
Peugeot 305 is a compact car, which debuted in 1977 as a replacement for 304-th model. Initially the car was introduced in the body of a 4-door sedan with a choice of two petrol engines, a volume 1.3 and 1.5 liters. The sedan was equipped with a well-designed 5-speed gearbox, which was characterized by gentleness and precision work. In 1983, the 305-I model went through a restyling. As a result, only slightly change the appearance of car and reinstalled designed instrument panel. Also the car has received a new and improved front suspension and steering. Peugeot 305 models were equipped with both gasoline and diesel power train modifications. The range of motors was represented by 4-cylinder engines, the volume of 1.3 liters, 1.5 liters, 1.6 liters and 1.9 liters. Peugeot 305 was produced between 1977 and 1994. The car was popular in most European countries, but in the UK market 305-I model has caused frustration among potential consumers.

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