Alfa Romeo 149

Small Engine Alfa Romeo 149

In 1906, Alexander Darrak created in Naples Alfa Romeo brand to produce 2 car models. The same model was a single-cylinder engine, and a more powerful twin-cylinder. In 1910, based on industrial association assembling cars of this branch, the company ALFA was founded. A short time later in the Portello that at Milan, a factory for the production of cars under the name of ALFA was built.

For the design of the first car Giuseppe Merosi was invited, who previously worked in FIATe. In 1915, the company management was entrusted to the engineer Nicola Romeo. So that, he added to the name the prefix «Romeo». Since that time, all the cars, produced by the plant, called «Alfa Romeo». Model alfa romeo 149 have engine with 4.2 liters and its sports version 20 / 30ES, the first car with a new name.

Small Engine Alfa Romeo 149

In 1920 Merosi created alfa romeo model which the British called “small Rolls-Royce.” Then the first victory in the world championship of racing cars has been received by alfa romeo. In 1923, company created a racing car P1. After the stunning success on the race track, the company decided to create a department of sports and racing cars. The department was headed by Vittorio Jano, who invited for the post of chief brand for racing teams virtually unknown racer Enzo Ferrari. Vittorio Jano put into practice the theory of the introduction of engines is not very large working volume with the “most optimal” supply system, which developed high speed with its small dimensions.

Alfa Romeo Cars were able to win the sympathy of the public and interest due to its high running ability and participation in various automotive competitions. Despite the popularity Alfa Romeo was not able to avoid a financial crisis. Despite the best efforts of the company’s management, could not independently take the company out of it. Therefore, it was decided to merge with some large concerns. As a result, an agreement with Fiat was signed on that Alfa Romeo is included in their composition.

Back Side Alfa Romeo 149

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