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The company Tesla Motors, has already sounded in all countries of the world, has presented the first electro crossover Tesla Model X in order to carry out a revolution in the automotive industry not only on electric powertrains, but also on the appearance and workability, and, of course, practicality. Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X crossover looks well very nice and attractive.

With regard to the technical characteristics of Tesla model X, they are very impressive. The engine is capable of producing about 300 hp. For 4.4 seconds the car is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h, which can not but arouse admiration. Crossover will quite soon be available with all-wheel drive option posterior or 300-horsepower electric motor. It will be located on the rear axle. Maximum grade is equipped with an optional 150-horsepower engine, which will be posted on the front axle.

Red Tesla Model X P90D

Centre of Tesla Model X is seven-seater. It is installed on the center console futuristic 17-inch touchscreen computer, by means of which there is the management of all functions in Tesla X. The instrument panel has a screen which in addition to the speedometer and tachometer displays the image from the cameras. They are located in all sides of the car. In general, for such a car of the future will have to get used to, because there are a huge number of innovations in it.

Tesla Model X is offered with a double engine – «All-Wheel Drive», which provides an additional 50% torque. If the vehicle is equipped with this option, then the rate of acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96,54km\h) is less than 5 seconds. As far faster than most SUVs, and even some sports cars.

Tesla Model X is an important point in terms of the capacity of the brand’s global sales. This year, the head of Tesla’s Elon Musk predicts 50-55 thousand cars, and by 2020 the company should reach the level of 200-500 thousand copies. In the coming days, cars start to arrive to those who made the booking earlier, long before the advent of the machine to the light (the concept does not count). If you place your order now, the crossover will come only in the second half of 2016.

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