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Renault Clio I  the first generation of compact cars of compact class, manufactured by the French company Renault. Debut model was held in the autumn of 1990 at the Paris Motor Show. The first year after the start of sales of the first generation Clio was only sold in France. In Europe, the car has been “released” a year later. In 1991 the Renault Clio I became “Car of the year in Europe”. A year later Renault Clio I got changes that have affected some parts of the exterior and interior. The most significant change was the replacement of the radiator grille on a solid, painted in body color. Despite its compact dimensions, Renault Clio I has a spacious interior. On-board equipment is quite modest.

Renault Clio of the first generation offered in 3- or 5-door hatchback body. The range of powertrains model presented inline, 4-cylinder engines, and the volume of 1.1 liter, 1.2 liter, 1.4 liter and 1.8 liter. In 1998, the second generation came to replace the Renault Clio I. Renault Clio I got into the top ten best selling cars in Europe. Totally about 4 million copies of the model were released.

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In 2012, at the Paris Motor Show Renault Clio RS debuted  the most powerful “Clio”. In June 2013, Renault announced the launch of Renault Clio RS official sales in the market. Renault Clio RS of the 4th generation on account gained significant design changes. However, the car has received a high-tech multimedia system R-link, which is able to simulate the “roar” of various sports cars and to output sound through regular speakers. This driver is available in 6 variants of “tunes” of supercars and even a motorcycle.

The Renault abandoned equipment of Clio RS model of 2013 year atmospheric engine, as it was in the previous generation. Now under the hood of Renault Clio RS IV a 1.6-liter turbo unit with a capacity of 200 hp is located, while the previous generation hatchback was equipped with 2-liter engine capacity of 203 hp In fact, due to the turbine engineers have been able to obtain a high performance, while fuel consumption is significantly reduced and is only 6.3 l / 100 km in the combined cycle. Also Renault abandons the use of traditional “mechanics” at the Clio RS. Now, the power unit of the hatchback can be paired only with robotic transmission EDC.

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