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The eighth generation of business-class sedans with a sporty potential of Honda Accord can be called one of the most anticipated at the Motor Show 2012. The new car has considerably changed in appearance. The car lost the sports lines and became more “mature”. The sedan has changed so much that it is now quite difficult to find out that this is a usual Accord. The front car can “boast” a new design of optics and grille. The concept of the front end design makes it clear – this is Honda. But the “food” changed very seriously. Rear lights Increased, the shape of which has become more elegant. The boot lid is decorated with a chrome strip.

The interior of the new Honda Accord of the VIII generation significantly upgraded. As before, the interior decoration of high quality materials and “Japanese” broad number of proposed options will surprise any motorist. In the US, Honda Accord of the ninth generation is presented with 2.4-liter i-VTEC Earth Dream Technologies, 180 hp 5-Range automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission and 3.5-liter V6 i-VTEC Earth Dream Technologies, capacity of 281 hp with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

2008 Honda Accord Review

Honda Accord VIII is a business-class sedan with the characteristics of a sports car. The first Honda Accord is designed for young people who appreciate comfort, style and driving dynamics. Rapid body lines, wide and low bumpers, “predatory” radiator grille create a best-in-class aerodynamics. The eighth generation Accord is a wide range of the most advanced technologies  from the improved chassis to the powerful new engines, the automated safety features on to the advanced suspension.

Honda Accord VIII differs by ageless, bright and stylish exterior design. Rapid body lines are a direct allusion to the membership model to a sports class. The elegant design of the “seventh” Accord had positive impact on sales and popularity of the model as a whole. The image of the buyer model is a young, active and purposeful person. Honda Accord VII produced in the sedan (the most common), coupe and wagon. Suspension model – 2-link front and multi-link rear. Trim Honda Accord VII is of excellent quality materials and precision fit interior elements.

Honda Accord Review

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