Citroen C4

Front View Citroen C4 Cabriolet

In the model number of the company’s new citroen c4 C-Quatre will take place and will be located between the C-Elysee and C4 L. The novelty is constructed on PF2 platform. The same chassis uses hetchbchek C4. Other technical characteristics of the machine are not known. According to unofficial information, the car will receive a gasoline turboengine with three cylinders. Engine power will be 130 hp.

Citroen c4 introduced to the market in two ways: it is a two-door and four-door hatchback. A good choice of body design citroen c4 resurfaces in swift car silhouette, symbolizing the dynamics and speed, where the basic dimensions are successfully combined with the elements of the front (elongated) and rear (truncated) body kit. When looking at the citroen c4 in profile clearly guessed Design search for the optimal aerodynamic shape of the body. Rapid lines converging in the rear, also hint at the speed and movement. Slightly to the rear of the curved line in the bodywork, conjunction with protruding wings shows a good stability of the car on the road surface. By increasing the length of the car base and its proportions are quite harmonious. These same parameters – wheel base sedan is 2.71 m vs. 2.6 hatchback, length – 4.8 m against 4.26 m – allow the French (or Chinese?) To talk about the biggest volume in the class legroom and luggage.

Red Model Citroen C4

Capacity addition of the third volume is 513 liters. The trunk lid is lined fonari- brand “Boomerang” and a chrome strip – a tribute to the local style, good to get accustomed to the “Executive” the citroen c4, which is in China, by the way, is called Triomphe. Inside the sedan it is also different from the “EuropeanĀ» Citroen. First, it is unusual for the compact cars in the Old World finish door panels and the central tree. After adjustment carried out air ducts of ventilation and heating system vents that can customize to your liking the back row passengers. It meets Euro IV standards and is equipped with the variable valve timing that optimizes filling of the combustion chambers at different speeds. Maximum torque of 200 Nm at 4 thousand. Rev/min and 170 Nm available already at 2 thousand.

12 Photos of the Citroen C4

Salon Citroen C4Tuning of Citroen C4 CoupeBlack Citroen C4 2010City Car Citroen C4Citroen C4 Cabriolet Sport Concept2-Door Citroen C4 CoupeFront Citroen C4 CoupeRed Model Citroen C4Front View Citroen C4 CabrioletInterior Of Citroen C4Concept Citroen C4 CabrioletCar Citroen C4 2016

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