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Consider this interesting car like the Bmw E36, for sure every boy dreamed at least once about a BMW, a Bavarian horse, the German quality. It can be seen that now, this machine has not left the top most popular cars among young people. Such beauty is released from 1991 to 1998. The predecessor of the legendary Bmw E36, but we will review it later.

Why this model is so popular? The build quality, the spirit of the time, because now producers no longer make such cars as before, but the BMW E36 own special, not repeatable, fighting character. Most often on the road you can find a sedan, wagon, coupe and rarely – Bmw E36. Name of the model depends on these engines installed in it. Departing 400-500 thousand km, they easily outsource the most stringent conditions, starts from traffic lights but it should be noted that it is not successful engines 1.6 and 1.8, as they are very weak and need frequent replacement timing. This should be done every 40 thousand km. It is recommended to take a Bmw E36 with the engine 2.5, is the best option, has enough power to 192 hp and excellent traction motors at 2.0, 2.5 and 2.8 is a chain instead of a belt drive. Consumption in the normal mode is 11 liters in the city and 8 liters on the highway. Suspension of Bmw E36 is very reliable, silent blocks hold up to 100 thousand kilometers, the only thing that expensive is to change the steering tips that are changing with rods.

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After 150 km of seals begin to leak as require repair steering rack. Also, if you need to change shock absorbers, it is also costing a pretty penny. But the suspension is robust and does not fray, rear multi-link suspension; the car enters the turns without much roll. Interesting salon of Bmw E36 strikes eye by deployed to the driver control console. Sitting inside is very comfortable, the steering wheel mounted at an angle to the vertical true test and it can be adjusted in height. The driver can easily overcome long distances without fatigue, a feeling as if poured into a seat. There is a variety of interior equipment in flesh to the leather interior.

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