BMW 320D E46

Super BMW 320d E46 2001

Regardless of the type of body or engine versions of the bmw 320d e90 previous generation allows you to get great pleasure from driving.

If you are interested in so-called family car’s features, or you plan to make long trips, and on weekends to ski, then you need to look at the wagon version of the E91. Trunk volume is the same as in the sedan – 460 liters. However, access to it easier, the tailgate window can be opened separately.

Salon BMW 3 series E46 320

Coupe E92 more expensive sedan and wagon. On the back row fits only two people. However, contrary to expectations, it is quite convenient to people even increasing slightly more than 180 cm. Embarkation and disembarkation is also not too difficult. For the driver and front passenger seat belt is used with electric supply system. Many coupes were imported from other markets: the vast majority of the United States. The fourth and final version of the body of the bmw 320d e90 – solid and neat E93 convertible with a hard top. An inexperienced motorist can easily be confused with its coupe E92. Capacity of four car is comparable to the coupe. Popularity convertible is very low. In any of the models of the bmw 320d e90 Series rear wheel arches penetrate the limited interior space, reducing the level of comfort in the back seat. Driver during long journeys prevents uneven floor profile (closer to the chair, the better), making it difficult to find a comfortable place to rest the legs. It is noteworthy that the front passenger’s flat floor. Overview space limit is too small exterior mirrors.

Bmw 320d e90 is not just a technical sequel to the popular E46. Many of the elements, such as suspension and electronics were designed from scratch. Suspension E90 better compared with E46 – it is stronger and less expensive to repair. For example, the shock absorbers can withstand 120-150 thous. Km, while in the E46 they nursed only 70 thousand. Km.

Unfortunately, in the cabin there are signs of wear before. So rubbing on the wheel are found already after 80 000 km, while in the E46, they appear only after 250-300 thousand km. However, on corrosion to date is not known.

Engine BMW E46 diesel 320D 2002

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