Toyota Cressida

Toyota Cressida 1990
View Toyota CressidaToyota Cressida 1990Model Toyota Cressida 1977Front Toyota Cressida 1977

Toyota Cressida is a mid-size sedan, the first generation that debuted in 1973. This model has been quite popular in North America due to the spacious interior, powerful engine and a high level of […]

Renault 4

Side View Renault 4
Car Model Renault 4Red Renault 4Black Renault 4View Front Renault 4

Renault 4 and its variant with a more beautiful body Renault 6 (1968-1979) are micro cars of subcompact class, but, unlike modern minicars such as the Fiat 126, designed for short trip, or small […]

Porsche 924

Front Porsche 924
Sports Auto Porsche 924Tuning Porsche 924View Porsche 924Model Porsche 924

Of course, the Porsche 924 is not as pronounced sports car like the Porsche 911, but it is a Porsche, and that its stability and controllability at a high level, it is not surprising. […]


BMW E21 Review
Model BMW E21Running BMW E21Model BMW E21 323ISide View BMW E21 1981

The model BMW E21 is a direct successor to the BMW of 2002, and in 1983 was replaced by a compact conveyor series E30. The development of the BMW E21 began in 1970, when […]


Interior Of BMW E39
BMW E39 ReviewBlack BMW E39Red BMW E39 528ISalon BMW E39

Many consider the Bmw E39 back of the last representatives of the “true” BMW – a cool design, excellent handling and atmospheric engines. With this, of course, is debatable, but the fact that this […]


Side View BMW E30
Side View BMW E30Front View BMW E30Information BMW E30Drift BMW E30 316

There was made more than 2 million Bmw E30 cars until 1991, the result beat all previous records of sales. The advent of E21 reflected the development and diversity in all aspects of BMW. […]

Renault 5

View Renault 5
Renault 5 ReviewWhite Renault 5City Car Renault 5View Front Renault 5

Renault 5 is a front-wheel drive subcompact hatchback, which debuted in 1972. ┬áThe car has a partially galvanized body, making almost not subject to corrosion. The interior design is made in the classic French […]

Ford Cortina

Tuning Ford Cortina
Engine Ford CortinaCar Ford Cortina 1966Tuning Ford CortinaSoft Roof Ford Cortina

Ford Cortina third generation was produced from 1962 to 1999 at the plants in Georgia and Illinois (USA). As is the case with the first and second generation models, this was a Ford sedan […]

Citroen SM

Interior Of Citroen SM
Interior Of Citroen SMCitroen SM ReviewNice Citroen SMCabriolet Citroen SM 1975

Citroen SM, like the DS model, had a front-wheel drive, equipped with a manual transmission, the engine is located in front of the compact engine. Fast and elegant, featuring excellent management since then as […]

Aston Martin DB4

Interior Of Aston Martin DB4 1963
Side View Aston Martin DB4Aston Martin DB4 ReviewAston Martin DB4 Interior 1959Interior Of Aston Martin DB4 1963

One of the most popular series of coupe Aston Martin DB4 was first presented at the London exhibition in 1958. One year later, a serial production of these really successful and dynamic vehicles equipped […]

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