Rolls-Royce Phantom Limo

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Ghost I have 5 years on the assembly line and sold well – about 1,000 copies annually. More recently, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Limo was presented to public. It’s hard to exaggerate the novelty of […]

Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

Front View Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost
Front View Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostSide View Rolls-Royce Phantom GhostWhite Rolls Royce Phantom GhostInterior Of Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost

Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost – this is a rare case when the production model, actually repeats the previously shown concept 200EX. According to the company, the designers have tried to move away from the canonical […]

Maserati 430

Maserati 430 In Red
Maserati 430 Fuel InjectionInside Maserati 4304-Door Maserati 430Rounded Grille And Hood Maserati 430

Maserati 430 is a sports sedan with a discreet appearance and sharp character. This model is the result of the development of the low profile cars philosophy: an unremarkable-looking executive saloon on the track […]

Rolls Royce Drophead

Luxury Rolls Royce Drophead
Rolls Royce Drophead BackRolls Royce Drophead DashboardConvertible Rolls Royce DropheadRolls Royce Drophead Top

History maker Rolls-Royce British car brand began with the founding in 1903, Rolls-Royce Limited company. Models of Rolls Royce Drophead – luxurious, powerful and effective Coupe based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom. They appeared before […]

Rolls Royce 100ex

Rolls Royce 100EX Trunk
Rolls Royce 100EX DetailsRolls Royce 100EX ExteriorRolls Royce 100EX Concept CarRepresentative Rolls Royce 100EX

Rolls-Royce has officially unveiled its latest long-awaited new Rolls Royce 100ex. The development of the car, completely built from scratch, began with the phrase, once said Sir Henry Royce: “Strive for excellence, strive for […]

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